Thawte SSL123
1 Year @ Rs 2800.00
2 Year @ Rs 2450.00
Thawte Site Seal
30 days
Thawte SSL123 is an entry level certificate that validates your domain authentication and issue your certificate instantly. It provides strong encryption to protect your website against prying eyes and Man-in-Middle attack.
Thawte SSL123 is an inexpensive security certificate that offers the benefit of the modern SHA-2 algorithm and other features like highest browser compatibility, Thawte trusted site seal, $500K warranty. Now, shopping cart abandonment would be reduced when you go for the cheap Thawte SSL123 certificate as customers can see that the website is secured with strong SSL security.
Take advantage of lowest price with multi-year options. The certificate will be issued for 1 year then you’ll need to regenerate a certificate. It's an easy & free process. Read more.

Product Features

Secures : One Domain
Server Licensing : Unlimited
Supported Browsers : 99.9%
Secures both with/without 'www.' : Yes
Verification : Domain Validation
Documents : No documents required
Issuetime : 5 to 15 minutes *
Key encryption : 2048 bit
Certificate encryption : Up to 256-bit