DigiCert Secure Site Pro
1 Year @ Rs 55930.00
2 Year @ Rs 48930.00
DigiCert Site Seal
30 days
DigiCert Secure Site Pro is one-step ahead for advanced level SSL, which furnishes organization validation so that the customers can easily get an idea about the authenticity of the website. DigiCert Secure Site pro will provide an SHA-2 algorithm and also a free Norton site seal. As a result, visitors will easily gain confidence in the website they are using.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL certificate is equipped with the strongest 256-bit encryption and its root certificate is bound with 2048-bit CSR encryption in your old browsers. This Secure Site Pro certificate carries highest browser compatibility with desktop and mobile browser so there will be no SSL connection warning on a Site. Secure Site Pro Certificate gives organization validation that proves business reliability and maximum credibility of the website.

Buy Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate and also get additional features like

  • Daily Malware Scanner - It will identify malicious code in your website.
  • Vulnerable assessment - It will help your website to protect against hackers.
  • Protection - Protect shoppers against unwanted loss resulting from the mis-issuance.
  • Warranty - DigiCert Secure Site Pro provides $1.5 million warranty amount.
Take advantage of lowest price with multi-year options. The certificate will be issued for 1 year then you’ll need to regenerate a certificate. It's an easy & free process. Read more.

Product Features

Secures : One Domain - Supports additional SANs
Server Licensing : Single
Supported Browsers : 99.9%
Secures both with/without 'www.' : Yes
Verification : Business Validation
Documents : Company Documents Required
Issuetime : 3 to 5 days *
Key encryption : 2048 bit
Certificate encryption : Up to 256-bit